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What are great unknown UK cities you should visit?


The United Kingdom (UK), which comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, has long been one of the most renown tourist destinations in Europe. The country’s allure is due mainly to its diversified landscape and rich cultural past, contributing to its popularity. The top locations to visit in the United Kingdom include anything from beautifully maintained rural estates and castles to the country’s numerous world-class art galleries and museums, among other attractions. However, there are so many great unknown cities in the UK. You can look for all-inclusive holiday companies to help you discover these little known amazing places in the UK to make your trip fantastic. When planning a holiday in the United Kingdom, one of the most enjoyable aspects is how easy it is to discover this fascinating and diverse country. Check out a list of travel agencies reviews to get the best travel company for your trip planning. Because of the country’s size – the United Kingdom could easily fit into the state of Texas (with plenty to spare) – you may base yourself in cities such as London or Liverpool and travel around the country by train, bus, or ferry to see the sights.

From the nation’s capital, a 90-minute train trip will take you to the picturesque town of Salisbury, from where you can take a short bus ride or tour to one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, Stonehenge. Choose the right hotel that will accommodate you during your vacation in the UK. For those who like to travel between the Scottish capitals of Edinburgh and Glasgow, a one-hour rail ride will take you right into the heart of either city. Here are some of the great cities in the UK that are little known:


This charming village in Kent has many reasons to visit. First, anyone interested in the supernatural will be intrigued to learn that Pluckley was formerly known as the UK’s ‘most haunted village’, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Why? There are 12 different ghosts reported to haunt the town, fluctuating from a headless rider to a ghost who would ambush persons on the roadside. The Darling Buds of May, showcasing Catherine Zeta-Jones, was also filmed in the village in the late 1990s. Many locations around town still have images from the filming.


Penrith is a town outside the Lake District National Park. The bustling market town is an excellent spot to base yourself to explore the Lakes District without paying the high prices associated with lodging centrally. There are two henge sites called Mayburgh Henge and King Arthur’s Round Table to the south. Visit the town market (open Tuesdays and Saturdays) for fresh, local produce.


Lincoln, in Lincolnshire county, is roughly two and a half hours east of Manchester. The modest city of 100,000 people has a lot to offer tourists. The Lincoln Cathedral was the world’s tallest building for 238 years (from 1311–1549, so there wasn’t much competition). Also worth seeing are Lincoln Castle and the Medieval Bishop’s Palace. The appropriately titled ‘Steep Hill’ provides a full street of independent stores, tea houses, and pubs, but be warned: it’s not for the faint-hearted.


You may recall the Sheriff of Nottingham from the legend of Robin Hood. The city has connections to the story, as does the county of Nottinghamshire, which includes Sherwood Forest. Old redbrick warehouses have been turned into apartments, pubs, and restaurants in the city’s historic Lace Market district. For anyone interested in the oldest bar in England, a visit to Nottingham’s ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’ is necessary.


Sheffield is a must-see for anyone who thinks little English towns are ruins and ancient pubs. Due to the significant student population, this dynamic city provides plenty of trendy things to see and do. In 2010, Sheffield was a finalist for ‘UK City of Culture‘, but Derry won. You’ll find the Sheffield Walk of Fame in the city centre, various theatres, museums, and parks. The city has produced notable acts on the UK music scene, such as the Arctic Monkeys, Joe Cocker, and Def Leopard.


This fortified city on the River Dee, near the Welsh border, is likely to fascinate visitors. It is one of Britain’s best preserved walled cities, with many medieval and Victorian buildings restored. The Chester Rows are the city’s most recognized landmark, covered walkways with shop openings behind them. Stairs go down to further businesses and establishments on the street level. The Rows are not the only attractions in Chester worth seeing; the town hall, Chester Cathedral, and Chester Castle are all renowned tourist attractions.


At River Esk mouth, On Yorkshire’s east coast .Whitby is the first actual beach town on this list. Yorkshire is England’s most visited county, owing to its variety of tourist attractions. Whitby is still a hidden gem despite its rich maritime history. As iron ships became available, the necessity for smaller Yorkshire harbours diminished. Whitby last build wooden ship sailed in 1871. The renowned magnificent ruins of Whitby Abby are ideal for a wall-worthy photo.


This, is a city in northeast England. It’s around 270 miles north of London and stands on the Tyne River. You may have overheard of this well-connected city but haven’t visited it. The northeast’s largest city has much to see and do and just enough city flair to make you feel like you’re not missing out. Newcastle’s nightlife is considered among the best in the UK by ‘The Rough Guide to Britain’ and Trip advisor. The city has a long history of theatre, many festivals and events, and a reputation as a poetic centre. Newcastle United football club plays at St. James Park, the country’s fourth-largest football stadium.

This post was published on 15/01/2022

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