Top Tourists Attractions in Vienna

No matter if you are in the area just for a few days or hours or if you chose to explore the most livable city in the world with some more spare time- there are a few attractions in and around Vienna that you just can’t miss! So grab your travel buddies and have an amazing time in Vienna- the perfect mixture of culture, cozy places to grab a coffee and people-watch, fanzy restaurants and nightlife, green parks and hikes and an abundance of history to discover!

St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the City Center

One of the most famous sights that you can find on nearly every souvenir there is to be found is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Located in the middle of Viennas 1st district, the city center, it is not only the stunning gothic cathedral that amazes: it is surrounded by the famous “Kärntnerstraße” and “Graben”, where one luxourious store is next to the second. There, you can enjoy your strole and put on your nicest coat- it’s all about seeing and being seen! Make sure you don’t miss the National Operahouse and the Hofburg with it’s stunning buildings, which you can both find just around the corner. The Hofburg has been the residence of the emperor, and is now home to the breathtaking horses of the world famous Spanish Riding School.

City of Art and Museums: National Museums at Maria Theresia Square

Vienna is known for its enormous variety of museums and a love for the fine arts. Right next to the so-called “museum quarter”, where you have the choice between modern arts, architecture and some of the best known artwork of the grand masters, two stunning- and identical- buildings are facing each other, overlooking the huge statue of Empress Maria Theresia. They are home to two museums that you surely should not miss! For all those that are into art and history, the Museum for Historical Arts is just the right place to be. If you are enjoying some easier entertainment or travel with kids, the Natural History Museum is just across the square- and makes your jaw drop as you can not only explore an amazing variety of wildlife and archeology, but also some pretty stunning dinosaurs! More information here:

Feeling Royal:  Palace Schönbrunn and Palace Belvedere

When roaming the streets of the inner city and looking at all the beautiful and breathtaking buildings that seem to randomly border the streets- well, everywhere- seems too nice to be real already, then just you wait for the two biggest palaces of the city of Vienna! Palace Belvedere, situated very close to the city center next to both the stunning Carl’s Cathedral and the National Opera, is split into an upper and a lower part. Both are museums, one of which is especially famous for being the long term home of Klimt’s masterpiece “The Kiss”. While getting to Palace Schönbrunn takes some minutes by public transportation to get to, the stunning parks and a view over the whole city from the “Gloriette” are well worth the ride.

The Go-To Location for Indoor Fun: Open The Door Escape Room

This is a common place locals just as well as visitors go to have fun- and the perfect option for rainy days, evenings after sunset or just as an adventurous break from all the pittoresque sightseeing. What will await you? Three different Escape Games that will make you want to come back again and again! No matter if you are up for some mystical and scary riddles while trying to escape the “Witch Hut”, fancy the path of famous archeologists on the hunt to lift the best kept secret of the egyptyan pyramids, or want to take on the ultimate challenge by entering the “Dragon Cave”- adventure and endless fun await you! All you have to do is bring your team and some motivation to dive into a fascinating world of riddles and mysteries that still remain to be lifted. For more information and booking options to reserve your time slot, you can check out the website

Escape the City: Green hikes into the Wine Hills and on the Islands of the Danube

The lively inner city has been stunning and amazing, but you are craving some fresh air and green surroundings? Luckily, Vienna has a lot to offer in regards to these wishes, as well. You can pick and choose from one of the 14 “Vienna Wine-Hiking-Trails”. All of them are easily accessible by public transportation and located all around the city. And yes, you read correctly- all of them offer the possibility to stop at one of the typical wineries and enjoy a glass or two- to gain new strength to continue exploring the surroundings of the city. Some of the hikes include great viewpoints, others amaze by showing you the richest residential areas of Vienna. One even leads all the way along the island in the middle of the Danube, the green lung of the city and most beloved place of all locals in summer. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit if the temperature allows!