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Don’t Miss These Incredible Places in Colombo


A place that has magical waters yet a modern look – Colombo comes across as a very practical place that welcomes tourists for its cultural, architectural, and musical extravagance. Book your tickets now here and enjoy the beautiful place.

Colombo is a place with many temples that boast traditional artwork and intricate craftsmanship. Enjoy a day tour in Colombo- Srilanka starting from the ancient temple Gangaramaya Temple situated at the Beira Lake the temple has great architecture and cultural impression. When you visit the place you will discover a traditional mixture that shows in the décor and design of the temple, it has hints of Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Sri Lankan. There are many wonderful buildings around the temple.

 Another temple nearby the Gangaramaya Temple is the Seema Malaka temple it is also a place to worship Lord Buddha, the temples in Colombo showcase the brilliance in interior design, the value additions to the temple are the Central platform, and visitors can have a glimpse of the Buddha statues seated in an orderly fashion around the perimeter. The phenomenon is the spectacular sculptures, the visitors have serene views of the lake nearby, the Northern Platform consists of many books related to the ancient times, The Courtyard is a beautiful attraction for visitors where there are stacks of Buddha statutes, and The Museum brings a collection of great manuscripts, votive pagodas, lamps, tusks of elephants, and Buddha images.

 A Famous attraction – Galle, it is a place that attracts many visitors and tourists in Colombo with its enormous landscapes that span over 5 hectares of land.  Tourists fall in love with this place as it has got the nature, food and great modern buildings all in one place. The beach here welcomes visitors with greenery and scenic views of the blue-hued waters and the sky that turns pinkish in the evenings giving a beautiful panoramic view.

 The bustling city takes pride in the Old City Hall of Ceylon; it is a building that beholds vintage items and is worth a visit. The architecture depicts the olden British culture and designs with arched roofs and windows.  It is a place where the councilors meet. The building has wax statutes of the councilors which would be interesting to the visitors to see.

Shopping in Colombo:

Arcade Independence Square is one of the major shopping centers where tourists can get the best apparel collections, footwear, bags, and many more. It is a place that has been restored from a mental asylum, the huge place has many eateries as well that allow the shopaholics to snack and pack at the same time.

Colombo City center; if you wish to go to a high-end boutique store then the Colombo City center is the place to be, this place offers all the upscale products. The food studio here redefines culinary art and brings international cuisines to the table.

The Marino Mall is a convenient place to shop which has covid safety measures in place. You can find great tea with a beautiful sea view. The menu is reasonably priced and has a polite and supportive staff.

This post was published on 12/02/2021

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