Best Parts Of Germany To Visit

Germany is a beautiful European country with several calming landscapes, mountains, rivers and forests. It also has beautiful cities with iconic places suitable for tourist attractions. The country is rich in history and a great destiny for vacationers. German streets are full of beauty and diversity. It is a country that people from all parts of the world would be comfortable visiting. Whether you know how to speak German or not, it will be convenient for you since you will get some assistance in translation in most parts. In historical sites, the information is translated to a language that you can easily understand. If you wish to travel to Germany and want a place to compare prices for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc., visit a famous comparison portal like Swoodoo for excellent services. This will make your trip to Germany a great experience. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit in Germany, and it is a great destination for those who love picturesque towns, pretty bridges, cobblestone streets and lots of castles. Some of the best places to visit in Germany are:


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is well-known as a prominent political and cultural hub. When you visit Berlin, you will be able to see a fantastic mix of new and classic buildings. There are a plethora of things to do in Berlin, let alone Germany. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical structure from the 18th century. It was created for King Frederick William II in 1791 and is the city’s first neoclassical structure. It stands 26 meters tall, with six columns on each side providing spectacular corridors; four of the channels were utilized for general traffic, while the centre was reserved for royal vehicles. It is regarded as Berlin’s most distinctive structure. It was formerly a component of the Berlin Wall, and it symbolized Berlin’s divide into East and West at the time.

Neuschwanstein Castle

On the jagged peaks of the German Alps, Ludwig II’s magnificent Romantic legacy still stands tall, a testament to the fairy-tale, ethereal quality of the glacier-topped, rugged landscape in which it resides. Neuschwanstein is positioned above the small and attractive town of Hohenschwangau and is regarded by many as the world’s most beautiful castle building. It’s easy to see why the complex inspired both Walt Disney and J K Rowling, with its many turrets and castles, flying buttresses, and creaking drawbridges; while inside, you can get a glimpse of the wealth and extravagance experienced by probably Bavaria’s most famous ruler.s


In the German state of Thuringia, Weimar bursts with the spirits of brilliance, that is, the city’s lasting intellectual power. Visitors will quickly become lost among magnificent statues of Goethe, effigies of the great philosopher Schiller, chambers where Liszt, Hummel, and Bach would have rehearsed and composed, spaces where Nietzsche would have wandered – the list goes on. The Weimar Market Square, for example, displays the town’s so-called Golden Age development, which brought with it a slew of brilliant minds and a slew of 16th and 17th-century homes with lavishly embellished façade. There is also parks ideal for flipping through the pages of German philosophers.


Munich is a classic German city famous for its Oktoberfest festival. It is the birthplace of Bavarian beer and the gateway to the Alps, is has a rich history and culture. Many visitors are drawn to the Nymphenburg Palace and the Marienplatz, which have world-class museums and regal architecture. Foodies will be able to explore a wide range of colours, scents, and flavours. Spätzle, steckerlfisch, and weisswurst are some of the most popular Bavarian dishes. While Munich’s summer and autumn are filled with exciting festivals and events, the city comes alive in the winter, when Marienplatz changes into one of the world’s most famous Christmas markets.


If you enjoy Christmas markets, Dresden should be at the top of your list of locations to visit in Germany. In 1434, the great metropolis of Saxony hosted the world’s first Christmas market, igniting an enduring tradition. Beyond the white season, Dresden exposes itself to be a vibrant city with some of Germany’s most famous cultural institutions. The city’s skyline is dominated by architectural gems like Baroque buildings and a Lutheran church. The River Elbe and its enticing environs, as well as charming neighbourhoods and the glorious Old Town, are all gems waiting to be explored by the adventurous traveller.

Germany has so many beautiful places to visit. The above mentioned are just but few among the so many places that you can take an adventure visit in Germany. The developed infrastructure and friendly nature of Germany country make it easier for vistors to explore these places.