5 Best Hotels for A Stress-Free Vacation During the Pandemic

The pandemic was a stressful experience, wasn’t it? The lockdown got boring, and we couldn’t see our friends and family for a long time. Now, the lockdown is over, and though the virus still scars us, COVID-19, we can at least travel and enjoy our time in the sun. The only problem: where do we go to stretch our tired legs? How do we get a stress-free vacation, and most importantly, where do we lodge? Finding hotels in a pandemic is a simple process because you’ve got time to browse through the several hotels around the world and pick the best place to stay in your dream vacation spot. So, let’s check out some of the best hotels in the world to enjoy your vacation.

1. The Brando, French Polynesia

Are you looking for a luxurious hotel? You will find it at The Brando, a private island resort on Tetiaroa, a few miles north of Tahiti. This hotel has hosted many celebrities from around the world, and even former President Barack Obama. It has 35 thatched-roof villas, and each villa has a private infinity pool, a dining area, and all the comforts you want in your life. What’s more? You can access the ocean privately from your bedroom.

2. Sensei Lanai, A four seasons resort, Lanai, Hawaii

When you talk about vacation, you should always think about Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most visited places in the world because of its scenic surroundings. If you ever visit Lanai in Hawaii, you should lodge at Sensei Lanai. This hotel is very private and secluded—a perfect place to think your life through. It is also located amidst mountains and trees, and the suites are well hidden in this jungle mass that you will barely notice other people.  You will get a personalized wellness itinerary at this hotel that includes spa treatments, meditations, and sound baths. Do you have issues with stress? Find release at Sensei Lanai.

3. Hotel Chateau du Grand-Luce, France

France is, perhaps, the world’s most visited country, since it houses Paris, the city of lovers. If you ever visit France, you should lodge at the Hotel Chateau du Grand-Luce. Located in the rural Loire Valley of France, this Chateau is designed to imitate the luxurious life of the 18th century. It has 17 suites that accommodate a large amount of sunlight, each with murals, chandeliers, and antique furniture that will take you back in time. You will also have a fantastic view of the gardens.

What’s more? This hotel is just an hour away from Paris. You can enjoy the mysteries of mazes, the shimmering tales of the lakes, and the irresistible scent of the rose gardens all from this hotel.

4. Jack’s Camp, Botswana

When most people think of Africa, they think of a place with nothing to offer the course of civilization. Nothing can be further from the truth. Africa is a beautiful place with a magnificent culture that will make your insides tingle. It also has a lot to offer in luxurious hotels, one of which is Jack’s Camp in Botswana. This hotel is tucked away in a private wildlife reserve in the Kalahari Desert. It has ten large tents fitted with poster beds, gorgeous safari decor, and private pools overlooking the famous Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. It also has a library, a billiards room, a bar, and a tea tent fitted with Persian rugs and cushions. What’s more? You get to see the wild.

5. Crown Sydney, Australia

This hotel was completed in 2020, gulping a whopping $1.7 billion, and is the newest and most luxurious of all the hotels that line Sydney, Australia. The Crown has 14 restaurants and bars, an infinity pool, and 349 guest rooms, each with a deep soak marble bath and floor-to-ceiling windows from where you can see the city. You can relax at the spa and clear your worries away.

Do you want to relax after that stressful pandemic? Then, you will do no better than lodging at these world-class hotels.